A Perfect Choice for Records Storage and Management

Store Four Seasons provides convenient and cost effective storage solutions. Your choice of using Store Four Seasons could free up your valuable office space and reduce man power for digging out file records. We maintain 24 hours security through state of the art survilance equilpment integrated with our advanced computer systems.

Why choose us for record management?

All our storage areas are self owned properties, there is no need to worry about sudden rental increase or eviction pressure as other storages. Our document storage areas maintain 24-hour humidity control and provide on-rack storage for file cartons. Standard cartons are sealed by customers, Store Four Seasons provides seal and barcode management system to control clients’ records.

Record Management System

Every carton is recognized by our barcode computerized management system. Clients are free to login to check their cartons and receive an inventory report on a regular basis.

Safety and Environment

Our storage areas provide humidity control, water and fire protection and
a 24-hour monitoring system.

Document Retrieval and Delievery Service

Retrieval request can be performed by fax or through the internet, urgent and normal delivery services to satisfy every client’s need. On site visit is also available by request.

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Our Standard Carton Size:
17inch(L) x 13.5inch(W) x 11inch (H)
= approx 1.5 cu.ft
Each carton can store up to 2500 pages of document

For details and discounts, please call our customer service inquiry hotline: 6684 9355