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Surveillance System
We have installed surveillance cameras for all areas and include 24 hours monitoring system.

We have special access system, only our staff can enter out storage areas.

Anti-theft Alarm System

Anti-theft alarm system is connected to all doors and special sensors within our site.They are all connected to our security provider and police stations.

Client Access Management System

Client access management system includes special settings.
All our clients must use their smart card, plus password to enter our storage areas, which also provide indentity confirmation for each of our client.

In case our client lost his/her smart card, we can also deactivate the lost card immediately to protect client from the lost of personal belongings in our storage.

Environmental Control

Temperature Control

Temperature of the storages is controlled within +/- 2°C of room temperature.

Humidity Control

We use industrial dehumidifiers, not general air-conditioners, to ensure humidity remains around 40% to 70%. (According to the definition of the Hong Kong Observatory, the humidity within this range is identified as dry.)

Pest Control

Periodic check and prevention done by specialist in storage areas.

Fire Prevention System

Automatic sprinkler system is installed in all our storage areas.

Flood Prevention System

Periodic inspection of water supply equipment is done in all storage areas.