Q: I have a lot of stuff and furniture, but I don't know how much space I need. How to choose the size of my storage?
A: Generally a 20 feet (160 cubic feet) storage should be enough for domestic storage. If you have large furniture, we can also provide free onsite measurements.
Q: My company wants to store documents, how much storage space should we use?
A: If you want to store documents, we have two kinds of services. First one is the on-shelf record management service. We provide cartons, packing service with barcode labels and delivery service. Second one is the self storage service. You can rent a private storage for cartons. We can also provide shelves for rent.
Q: I want to rent a storage, by how can I transport and handle the big and heavy furniture into the storage?
A: We also provide transportation service. We can easily handle from cartons to big furniture. For more information please call our hotline 8200 8030.
Q: I would like to visit the storage, but I am only avilable at night. Can you arrange the visit after working hours?
A: Generally the working hours are from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., but we can adjust it at your convenience. After the visit you can also start renting the storage immediately.
Q: How to count my storage period?
A: We have flexible storage plans and are all counted from the day you move in. For example, if you started the rent on 10th for 1 month, the tenancy will bw the 9th of the next month.
Q: I found my storage space is not enough for my use, can I change to a bigger one?
A: Certainly. You only need to make up the difference.